Jumanji by NetEnt Slot Review

Jumanji by NetEnt Slot Review

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  • Innovative Layout
  • Engaging Theme – based on fun movie
  • Medium Volatility

Jumanji by NetEnt Slot Review

Jumanji is a popular online slots game released by NetEnt and it takes players into the exciting and adventurous world of Jumanji game board. In 2018, this slot game develop the Jumanji internal and the updated slot experience, which will attracts fans of the movie and those into slots. The amazing graphics, the interesting gameplay and multi-level bonuses all guarantee that Jumanji will hold players’ attention and make them excited about the game.

The Jumanji slot is a worthy adaptation of the movie released in 1995 with the background of a jungle, the birds and other animals, and the main piece of the Jumanji board game. The graphics of the game are lively and very detailed and that include complex backgrounds on the jungle and bright animations. The sound and music includes, people jumping across trees, booming drums, chirping birds and other adventurous tunes that makes the player feel he or she is part of the game.


  • Innovative Layout: The 3-4-5-4-3 reel setup is unique and refreshing.
  • Engaging Theme: The game stays true to the Jumanji theme with excellent graphics and sound.
  • Variety of Bonuses: Numerous bonus features keep the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.
  • High Replay Value: The combination of random features and the board game bonus provides a lot of variety.


  • Medium Volatility: While this appeals to a broad audience, players seeking higher volatility may find it less thrilling.
  • Complexity: The abundance of features may be overwhelming for beginners.

Jumanji follows a 5-reel 36 payline structure with reels proximity having a 3-4-5-4-3 structure, creating added excitement to the game. The symbols include:

High-value symbols: Les comprendre : le lion, le rhinocéros, le crocodile et le pélican.

Low-value symbols: Card icons which are used in the traditional 52 cards set (Ace, King, Queen, Jack).

Special symbols: The last piece representing the Jumanji board game symbol to be revealed was the wrench and the Jumanji game box as the scatter piece.

This means that the wild symbol is able to act like all other symbols, bar the scatter symbol, to form winning paylines.

Jumanji by NetEnt Slot Review

Jumanji is packed with a variety of bonus features that enhance its replay value:Jumanji is packed with a variety of bonus features that enhance its replay value:

  • Sticky Vines: Triggered at random, its function entails fixing the winning symbols in a specific position while the reels spin again, giving the player a consecutive chance at winning.
  • Monsoon Wilds: This feature causes up to two reels to go completely wild, enhancing the user’s odds of obtaining a large prize.
  • Monkey Mayhem: Like in policy 13, after a spin, monkeys can switch the symbols to make sure that they get a win.
  • Wild Stampede: The rhinos are symbols that unlock a spin feature that places 4 to 9 wilds on the reel.

The main unique feature of the game is the Board Game Bonus, activated by the scatter symbols – three, four, or five in the number. Players roll the dice to move around the board, triggering various free spins and other bonuses like:Players roll the dice to move around the board, triggering various free spins and other bonuses like:

  • Vines Free Spins: The other function is Sticky Vines feature.
  • Monsoon Free Spins: Comes with Monsoon Wilds active, which if you don’t know, is just all kinds of brilliant.
  • Monkey Free Spins: Taking advantage of the Monkey Mayhem feature.
  • Stampede Free Spins: Applies the Wild Stampede feature. Furthermore, there is an option for a direct win a particular coin amount and extra dice rolls are located on the playing board.

In this article, it will become clear that NetEnt’s Jumanji slot is a perfect example of how nostalgia and phenomenal visuals combined with today’s progressive gameplay features should look like. Still, in that sense, the usability of this movie adapts the adventurous spirit of the original movie and offers players a great number of opportunities that never cease to amaze. It is also a beautiful departure from the norm, which must be seen to be believed, and if you like the movie or have a penchant for diverse bonus options on slot games, then Jumanji is one to try out. It is a fairly medium variant, attractive for all sorts of gamblers for several reasons: it provides them with the balanced playing time and occasional large rewards.