Football Betting Strategies

Everyone who bets on football games is always looking to make profits and there are various approaches that can be taken in order to be able to achieve this. For one to place bets on football and remain profitable in the long-term, one has to employ good betting strategies. Here are some well-known football betting strategies to take into consideration.

In this topic, the reader will find information about the various teams and players involved in the football sport.
This is something one must do before placing a bet; research on the teams, players, and coaches as well as injuries. It helps you know which teams have good offences and defense, how the teams match up against the spread, and which players are likely to be missing through injuries among other factors. In football betting, knowledge is a vital factor that should be considered in every bet that is to be placed on the team that is to be bet on.

The simplest football bet is placed against the point spread. The favourite has to beat the other team by a specific number of points, this is usually labelled ‘covering the spread’ while the underdog must lose by fewer points than the spread. Spreads make both teams look like equal chances or probable outcomes, and this equally makes parlays possible. Looking at historical data, both the frequency of occurrence and the likelihood of a team covering the spread as an underdog or high favorite can help earn a profit.

These are numbers of goals, points, tries, etc, achieved by both the teams in the particular match, or sets by the bookmakers. A bet placed where one has to wager whether the actual total points scored in a game will exceed or be less than a certain number is referred to as the Over/Under bet. This strategy factors out the winner or the margin of victory from the entire competition. Use defensive and total goals per match to estimate if these teams prefer scoring more goals and engaging in high scoring affairs or if they are more of low scoring, defensively oriented teams.

If you are looking for a bet that may be a little less risky and yet also offer good chances of success, then it might be a good idea to place a bet on the home underdog.
For the record, home underdogs beat the spread in NFL games at a rate of over 50 percent over the years. The crowd affects the game particularly when the teams are division rivals. If you are looking to bet on home teams then it may be wise to bet on home teams that are given 3 points or less.

A teaser bet enables you to move a half point up or down in any game but reduces your chances of winning big. Converting them so that they have two teams cover much more reasonable spreads 6-7 points can look more like reduced risk bets. It is a good strategy to use only in cases when you are very sure of the outcome prediction.

The following are among the most common methods that are employed when considering games for betting. Regardless of the approach you choose, always make sure that you are informed with the teams and make sure that you do not make rash decisions in terms of betting since it is the key to long term profitability. Consider the steps that may help you fine tune your strategy over time depending on the results.

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